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Software Development & Cloud Computing.

  • Application development. Web, mobile, backend and system integrations.
  • From rapid prototyping to high quality production systems.
  • Adept in modern cloud computing technologies such as Kubernetes.

Got a problem that needs solving?
We bring over 20 years experience of building software systems.

Computer code

Recent & ongoing projects include ...

  • Software for managing business assets (Angular / .NET)
  • Mobile-first web applications for a large European telecoms company (Ionic)
  • Project management platform for building insurance loss assessors (Angular / .NET)
  • Simulation and modelling software (.NET / Rust)
  • Integrations with various enterprise workflow systems such as Podio and ServiceNow
  • Deploying diverse systems utilising modern cloud computing technologies (Kubernetes, Terraform, Azure/GCP).
  • Workflow and ticketing system within access management industry (.NET / Angular / Flutter)

Our accumulated experience allows us to rapidly deploy solutions to a wide range of business processes.

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